Woodbridge Chiropractor – Are You Sleeping Your Way to a Bad Back?

Woodbridge Chiropractor – Are You Sleeping Your Way to a Bad Back?


Have you ever considered that as far as sleeping goes, you may be doing it wrong?  Did you know that poor sleep posture can be the cause of your back or neck pain? Sleeping position has a lot to do with general wellness of your spinal health. Strain on the neck and lower back in particular can wreak havoc with your spine. Here at Virginia Family Chiropractic Health Center, Chiropractor Woodbridge VA, we see patients every day with lower back and neck pain that is caused by an unhealthy sleeping posture.

With just a few easy changes, you can be on your way to better back health!

When you think of proper sleep position, think about support. Your neck and spine need to be in alignment as you sleep. This is easier than it sounds, but may take a little practice if you are used to sleeping in a less-than-optimal posture.

Sleep on your side in order to stop and minimize pain in the back. Place a cushion between your knees to lessen the strain on the lumbar, or lower back region.  Stomach sleeping can cause back pain>  Lying on your side with knees slightly curved is a great position for resting. 

You should also try a pillow that supports the neck rather than “propping you up.” Most people sleep with a pillow that puts their neck in an awkward position causing strain on the spinal column. There are many options for orthopedic pillows, but not all are created equal. It is important to find a pillow that does not push your head forward. You should keep looking until you find a pillow that supports your neck while allowing the head to fall back, not forward. 

If you are having back or neck pain, see a chiropractic doctor. We recommend you visit Chiropractic Woodbridge VA . Our chiropractor in Woodbridge VA works with the spine to calm back pain for lots of people.  Just take a look at our testimonials! A chiropractic medical professional can alleviate your pain with a few therapies. Call us now for an appointment. We can help with your back pain! Isn’t it about time you got out of pain?

Call our office today to arrange a visit. 703-730-1600  You can also learn more here: This video gives you some important information about back health.

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